About Us

Having built up a very solid and stable reputation for our quality products and services since opening, The Computer Guy is the perfect choice, as we offer unrivalled expertise for all your IT Solutions and we are proud to have assisted thousands of customers since our inception.

So, whether you’re a business or a residential customer, we take the time to understand you and your requirements, thus helping you achieve your objectives through the provision of IT.

Our Team

Kelly – Store Manager

The store manager Kelly has a long history of managing medical practices and being the go-to person for IT concerns. Leading the team of tech enthusiasts, Kelly ensures smooth customer service and keeps her team on point, expertly addressing any IT issues that come their way.

Josh – Technician

Meet Josh, the master of the workshop with a strong passion for problem-solving and an extensive skill set that spans across every device. Armed with a wealth of knowledge, Josh is the go-to expert who can tackle any issue, ensuring smooth operations and swift resolutions for all tech-related challenges.

Zoran – Business Technician

Meet Zoran, the server specialist who not only keeps businesses running smoothly online but also goes the distance by making house calls to fix and repair computer concerns. With a commitment to personalized service, Zoran ensures that every client’s unique needs are met, combining virtual expertise with hands-on support.

Bronson  – Junior Technician

Introducing Bronson, who is the junior tech whiz working behind the scenes. He’s the go-to guy for assembling gaming PC’s and has unlimited knowledge when it comes to programming. His skills really shine behind the scenes, making a significant impact in our IT workshop.

Sienna – Front Desk Receptionist

Sienna is the welcoming face at the IT shop’s front desk, kindly managing customer interactions. Beyond her administrative duties, she organises social media strategies and crafts engaging advertising videos, contributing to the shop’s dynamic daily operations.